Metatrichia floriformis  at different stages

CUPOTY 2020. 2nd place - Plants and Fungi category

2-3mm high immature fruiting bodies of Comatricha nigra with orange jelly fungi in the background

CUPOTY 2020. Finalist - Plants and Fungi category

Untitled photo

RHS Photograhy Competition 2021 - Commended

Stemonitis sp

New Scientist Photography Awards 2021 - Overall winner and Natural World category winner

Holly Parachute Fungi (Marasmius hudsonii)

CUPOTY 2021. Winner - Plants and Fungi category

Stemonitis species 3

CUPOTY 2021. Finalist - Plants and Fungi

Untitled photo

ND Awards. Nature 'Discovery of the Year 2021.'

Nature : Macro 1st Place, Gold Star Award.

Five Image Panel. 

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