Metatrichia floriformis  at different stages

CUPOTY 2020. 2nd place - Plants and Fungi category

2-3mm high immature fruiting bodies of Comatricha nigra with orange jelly fungi in the background

CUPOTY 2020. Finalist - Plants and Fungi category

Untitled photo

RHS Photograhy Competition 2021 - Commended

Stemonitis sp

New Scientist Photography Awards 2021 - Overall winner and Natural World category winner

Holly Parachute Fungi (Marasmius hudsonii)

CUPOTY 2021. Winner - Plants and Fungi category

Stemonitis species 3

CUPOTY 2021. Finalist - Plants and Fungi

Untitled photo

ND Awards. Nature 'Discovery of the Year 2021.'

Nature : Macro 1st Place, Gold Star Award.

Five Image Panel. 

Triple headed Comatricha

IGPOTY 15  2022. The World of Fungi. 2nd place.

Immature Comatricha nigra

IGPOTY 15  2022. The World of Fungi. Finalist.

Mature Comatricha

CUPOTY Challenge (two of a kind) 2022. 2nd Place.

Diderma floriforme pair, stage 2

CUPOTY Challenge (two of a kind)  Finalist

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